The First Showroom Came into Existence

The journey of relentless hard vtork of 4 years reached its first milestone and the very first showroom of S&S Enterprises came nto being. The products on offer were decor solutions with categories including ceramic wall & floor. polished vitrified tiles. digital tiles all on display in a showroom spread across 600 sq. ft.


2009/2010Association with Jaguar & Artize

In the year 2009-10 S&S Enterprises became a proud associate of the Industry leader and conic Brand Jaguar Artize thus expanding its product showcase by entering into luxury bathing arena and providing their customers more choices in luxury lifestyle segment.


• Keramax Ceramics Pvt. Ltd • Tile Stone Corporation

Keramax is an in-house tile brand of S&S Enterprises with offer a wide range of world-class tiles for all price and need segments. The brand envisions of offering global designs and quality trends in tiles at very competitive rates. The Keramax portfolio includes extensive range of tiles with great aesthetics and life span. Ina way Keramax is the beginning of an era where lifestyle needs would be addressed with pride of being an Indian with a true global perspective.


Birth Of SS Bath Studio

The quest For excellence was on its way and S&S Enterprises in association was leading plumbing and drainage solution provider Astral Polytechnic Ltd . started a new bathing lifestyle entity with the brand name of SS Bath studio with this defining step ,the company accelerated its journey of growth and excellence.


Luxury, Contemporary Lifestyle and Modern Trends at One Place: S&S Enterprises New Showroom

From the year 2000 to 2015 . in a short span of 15 years SAS Enterprises had established an Identity synonymous Nvdh quality. senrice and fair prong organisation.
With the opening of new showroom In Asia’s one of txggest residential colony Marearoirap Jaictr spanning across 24000 sq. ft.. the operations toed new heights with state-of-the-art display.



Dedicated Jaguar Lighting Floor

2019 saw the beginning of a new journey at S&S Enterprises when the company launched a dedicated Jaguar Lighting floor with a massive display of lighting options across all need Spectrum, It’s a new gift to the light lovers where customer has something shining for everything they can imagine.



19 Years, Many Milestones

Today S&S Enterprises is a name to reckon with and this journey of growth and ambitions is constantly touching new avenues of quality and services excellence some of the recognitions are here as testimonials-

2010-2011 Jaquar Gold Club Main Deater

2010-2011 Somany Highest Sales

2011-2012 Jaquar champion of Champions

2012-2013 RAK Certificate of appreciation

2012-2013 Jaquar champion of Champions

2013-2014 Jaquar champion of Champions

2013-2014 Jaquar Achiever’s Club

2014-2015 Somany platinium club Dealer

2015 RAK Best top performing Dealer

2015 RAK Award of Excellence

2015-2016 Jaquar Monarch Of Merchants

2015-2016 Somany Best Dealer

2016 Rajasthan Real Estate Expo

2016 21st india plumbing Conference

2016 Somany Best Managed Franchisee Showroom

2016-2017 Somany Best Managed Franchisee Showroom

2016-2017 Somany Join The Pride

2017 Qutone Excellence Award

2015-2016 Somany Certificate of Achievement